Change the things that make you unhappy

Why do we do what we do everyday? Most people will have a different answer to this question.

Personally, I think that many of us want to find happiness and that is what keeps us going. But how do you define happiness? Wouldn’t be pretty awesome if someone could tell each and every one of us what exactly we would have to do to find our happy place?

Although some of us might find it difficult to answer that question, I think that most people would find it easier to think of answers to this one: what makes us unhappy?

When you know what it is that you do not like, you can take steps towards removing these things from your life and as a result create a happier life for yourself.

You may think that is a silly idea. If something wasn’t working for you, you wouldn’t be doing it surely! The truth is you probably are doing things that make you unhappy without even realising that you are. An example from my personal life was the fact that I was lacking sleep. As a result I was waking up grumpy and moody every morning. Why and was there anything I could do to fix this problem? I eventually realised something wasn’t working. I had to make some changes. So I took steps towards finding a solution to my problem. Things like de-cluttering, re-arranging/re-decorating, banning screen time 2 hours before bed, avoiding caffeine after a certain time, investing in a new mattress etc were some of the things that I did to get back into a healthy sleeping routine.

The result? A much happier me in the morning. I no longer feel the dread of waking up and having to go to work. What in your life are you doing that is making you unhappy? Make a note of it and start taking action towards getting rid of it.


Things that excite me are listening to other people’s life stories, experiencing new flavours, being in touch with nature, exploring the world, delving deep into my mind and my heart and pushing my mind and body to the limits.

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