How I motivated myself to read more books

A lot of us like to set goals for ourselves, oftentimes at the start of a new year. Personally, I’m a big believer that setting clear and realistic goals works. Reaching your goals requires some effort and determination, but the process doesn’t have to be painful. My tips on reaching your goals are:


Have clear action points

Adjust your routine and habits accordingly

Regularly evaluate your progress


What are you trying to achieve? Would you like to read more books perhaps?

Here is how I’ve managed to get myself to read more:

Action points:

  • I found a store that was selling cheap books
  • I put money aside and started buying one book every month
  • I decided how many pages I would have to read per day

Adjust your routine and habits accordingly:

  • I decided to read at night before going to bed (instead of watching TV)
  • I had to be in bed by 10PM to allow enough time to read (except weekends)
  • I had to switch off my phone while reading/before bedtime

Regularly evaluate your progress

  • I make sure it doesn’t take me more than a month to read a book
  • I created a space in my bedroom where I store all the books that I’ve read. As the shelf fills up, it motivates me to keep going.


Hope you found these tips useful, please share your experience with us!


Things that excite me are listening to other people’s life stories, experiencing new flavours, being in touch with nature, exploring the world, delving deep into my mind and my heart and pushing my mind and body to the limits.

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