Your sleep is sacred!

Are you or anyone you know experiencing trouble sleeping at night? Although there could be many reasons why people can’t sleep properly, let’s see what science has to say about the effects of using your phone before bedtime.

I found 2 very interesting arguments that I wanted to share with you:

Your blue screen is preventing your body from creating melatonin

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep and it’s been proven that exposure to your blue screen is reducing the amount of melatonin that your body normally produces.

How can you fix it? Either activate the blue light filter function on your phone or download an app that does it for you. Personally, I think that not using your phone at all one or 2 hours before bedtime is even better.

The wifi argument

Jeromy Johnson is a civil and environmental engineer turned safe technology advocate. Jeromy’s work includes a lot of research on the effect of wi-fi on our health and he argues that invisible electrical signals are affecting our sleep. Although some people are skeptical about this, I have chosen to switch all wi-fi devices off at home before bedtime. Try it for yourself!

Your sleep is sacred and so important for your health and mental functions. So you should treat your bed like a temple! Try not to use your phone in your bedroom and set it to flight mode at night so that you can still use basic functions like your alarm clock if you need to.


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