The 3 letter word with so much pep

Have you heard of Simon Sinek? He is a motivational speaker/author who has become famous for his “Start with why” theory.

If you have time, I recommend watching one of his most famous Ted videos below:

Why is it so important to ask WHY? According to Sinek, people want to hear why you do what you do. But we often make the mistake of focusing on what we do and how we do it.

For example OH-MY exists because we believe that happiness is the result of taking the time to connect with ourselves, others and staying active. That’s our why.
We do this to remind people to live a simple life, count their blessings and pursue the things that make their body, heart and mind tick. Whether through photos, blog posts, quotes, tips and videos, everything we do revolves around our why.

What is your why and what are you doing about it?


Things that excite me are listening to other people’s life stories, experiencing new flavours, being in touch with nature, exploring the world, delving deep into my mind and my heart and pushing my mind and body to the limits.

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