Do you care what others think?

We’ve all heard it, us humans are a bunch of social creatures. We love being surrounded by other people. We seek help, support, care, guidance and sometimes even approval from our peer.

But what happens when we don’t feel loved or appreciated? It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. Is it us? Maybe something we’ve done wrong? Should we change ourselves, our behavior, our thinking?

And then we go into an internal debate, weighing the pros and the cons of our actions. One minute we’re up, telling ourselves that, of course, we were right! The next, convincing ourselves that other people don’t like us because there has to be something wrong with us.

These mixed emotions affect many of us every day. At work, where we are expected to act in a professional manner and to make compromises. We are told that “the customer is always right”. We are measured on how well we fit within the organisation’s values.

For others, it’s in our relationships, at home with our parents or loved ones, or out in our social circles. Nowadays, many of us also have some form of online persona that we maintain on our regular basis. We get likes and comments when people approve of our actions.

And then there are times when we are left to wonder. Why is this person giving us the cold shoulder? Is our boss not happy with us because of something we’ve done? What did our loved ones mean when they said that thing they said? No one liked our latest post, was there something wrong we did?

The biggest mistake we can make is to let other people’s opinions affect us and determine who we are. Each of us is unique, special, talented. When we know ourselves, what we are good at, our values, passion, purpose, what other people think of us should not mean much. There is nothing wrong with compromising, and if we want to belong we often need to adapt. But first let’s accept ourselves and love ourselves. Let’s find out who we are. Because those who do not know us will always have an opinion. Only we know if their opinion matters.


Things that excite me are listening to other people’s life stories, experiencing new flavours, being in touch with nature, exploring the world, delving deep into my mind and my heart and pushing my mind and body to the limits.

6 thoughts on “Do you care what others think?

  1. Such a Universal topic. We all feel that way sometimes. For me, the older I get, the more, THANK GOD!!!, my caring about what other’s think gets smaller and smaller. And my boyfriend is unlike anyone I’ve ever met as he has the capacity to truly stay centered in this kind of situation. Whenever I get on my leeeetle hamster-wheel of worry about what this person thinks or why that person is behaving in such a way and blah blah blah…he’ll just sweetly say, “Child, You have no idea what’s going on with them. Let it go.” And that works for me. His tone of voice and confidence in what he’s saying are likely a big part of that. But, at 53 now, I have stacked up quite a pile of rememberances where I was REALLY wrong about what I thought people were thinking of me. Laughing, because a lot of times…they weren’t thinking about me at all!!! 🤣 Loved this post and agree whole-heartedly with Your last paragraph. Thank You, Cheers and Rock On!!! 🙂


    1. Thank you for reading this little post and for leaving such a great comment 🙂 You’re right, we all feel this way sometimes, even the best of us! I was watching a video about how many powerful business men and women also feel this way when people don’t engage with their brand or product. I’m glad to hear that you don’t let other people’s opinions affect you as much anymore! And why should you anyway, you’re amazing!! It’s quite funny that your boyfriend says “Child, you have no idea what’s going on with them”! He sounds very wise. You are right, we are very good at making up stories in our minds so it’s not even worth the time or energy 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. My pleasure! And Thank You for Your kind words!!! I was laughing thinking how strange my boyfriend’s comment might seem. 🤗 We live in the deep South of the US and people call one another, or themselves!, “child!” often. It took me a while to find it endearing! Now I love it!!! And Also laughing because later in the day after I wrote that, I was absolutely obsessing on a situation in my life that involves worrying about what someone is thinking about me. Damn! 🤣 We ebb and flow and ebb and flow, don’t we? Have a great weekend!!! Cheers! ☀️💖✨

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      2. It is quite funny that you use the word child:) Here in Australia people call everyone “Mate” which is pretty funny too! Well keep focusing on the great things that you are doing because you are on fire!! Cheers ❤ ❤

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