Friday, Friday

where have you been?

I’ve been waiting all week for you

wondering when

You’ll finally be here,

you’ll finally show.

Stay a while longer

and don’t ever go!


I plan my whole week

with you in my mind.

Friday night drinks,

 at new places I find.


Mondays are so rough

and Tuesdays are too,

but Hump-day makes me hopeful

that i’ll finally see you.

Then there’s just Thursday

to fill in the gap

but Friday, oh Friday ,

you always come back


T. G. I. F.

Thank goodness you’re here!

So long to days  past

Time to crack open this beer!



I have a weakness for French fries and Cosmopolitans. I discovered my love for yoga a year ago and have never turned back since. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason and that right now, we are exactly WHO and WHAT and WHERE we are supposed to be.

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